The 2010 Playoffs: Anything that could happen will happen



The 2010 Playoffs: Anything that could happen will happen

What to make of these playoffs so far, round three is about to start and it has been a gamblers nightmare to say the least. Hence the title for this blog “Anything that could happen will happen”. Case in point:

1)      The Montreal Canadiens eliminating Presidents’ trophy winner the Washington capitals and the defending Stanley cup champs the Pittsburgh penguins

2)      The Philadelphia flyers doing the impossible by overcoming a 3-0 series deficit becoming only the 3rd team in NHL history to do it.

3)      The San Jose sharks eliminating Detroit in 5 to advance to the conference finals

4)      Luongo and the Canucks lose in practically the same way to the Hawks as the previous year

5)      Hossa making it to the conference finals again for the 3rd straight time.

6)      All the Russian superstars would be playing at the Worlds by the end of the 2nd round

7)      Crosby getting a boarding call 10 seconds into a game 7

8)      Almost 40 years to the day Boston gets another too many men call thus losing the game

9)      Mark Recchi still going strong at age 42

10)   1st vs. 2nd seed in West,  7th vs. 8th in the East

If anyone told me that even 1 of the above mentioned events would have happened during these playoffs I would have slapped the other person. Could it be considered a coincidence that the league is running those “history will be made” commercials and actual history is being made? Depends who you ask, just don’t ask the gamblers. One thing for sure interest in this year’s playoffs is high and you can credit that to all the excitement around each game. It just seems to be that kind of year, where anything that could happen is happening. Craziness being the tendency of these playoffs let’s make some crazy predictions for the rest of the playoffs and see what I get right. My crazy prediction number:

1)      The Montreal Canadiens win the Cup but with Carey Price leading the way

2)      There will be no Montreal riot after they win the cup

3)      The flyers fail to score any goals and get swept in 4 against the Habs

4)      Hossa will once again be on the wrong side in the Stanley Cup finals

5)      Sharks find out that Nabokov isn’t really a shark but a hawk, lets in too many questionable goals

6)      There will be blood

7)      Gary won’t be booed when handing over the cup

8)      Another shark player scores in his own net, maybe Nabokov

9)      By the end of the playoffs a total of 43 too many men penalties would have been called

10)   Anyone thinking a quadruple overtime is possible?

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