A Summary of this year’s NHL playoffs so far



So much to write about the post season but one word can probably sum it all up, AMAZING. Let’s begin with the Montreal Canadiens, no one really gave them a chance against the Washington Capitals and people gave them less of a chance versus Crosby and the Pens, I don’t think anyone is doubting the Habs anymore. With the series tied 2-2 after four games the Habs have the Pens wondering what to do next to beat Halak and their Mickey Mouse 3rd and 4th lines, my personal opinion is that the Pens will come out on top by the end of the series for the simple fact that Montreal can’t keep winning by getting ridiculous bounces their way and Halak can’t continue being this stellar. Of course, crazier things have happened in the NHL this year. 

On to the Vancouver Chicago series, I just love when history repeats itself. Last year the Hawks destroyed Luongo and this year is no different. With the Hawks up 2-1 Luongo, or as Don Cherry likes to call him “Lulongo”, had to be the difference maker for the Canucks to come out on top on this one and avoid going down 3-1 in the series. Instead Jonathan Toews was the difference maker by netting a hat trick and showing to the world that Vancouver hasn’t learnt anything from last year and that Luongo is worse than last year. That long term contract is really looking long for the Canucks fans right now. In my opinion, Luongo is a good goaltender who is easily thrown off his game and his style of play in nets these days screams more desperation than good positioning. Either way the nucks are done for this year; don’t see how they can come back from a 3-1 deficit. Again, crazier things have happened. 

Now to another episode of how Gary Bettman looks like a fool. The deal by Jerry Reinsdorf to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and keep them in Glendale has fallen through and now the other buyers who were shut out in an attempt to buy the team are being begged to come back and renegotiate with the city to buy the club. If I was Ice edge I would say thanks but no thanks, if a billionaire like Reinsdorf doesn’t see any potential for money what’s makes Glendale think that they can convince a “poorer” buyer that there is money to be made? Hopefully the team can move to Canada and we can finally thank Jim Balsilie for finally getting us a team back in Canada, just not on his dime. Where does the league go from here? In my opinion Garry Bettman has lost some credibility amongst the owners, he had a willing buyer ready to spend big bucks to buy the team and bring it to Hamilton, instead he chose to gamble and take a chance that there were many buyers ready to purchase the Coyotes and ultimately he lost. In an economic climate that was as toxic as it has ever been Garry should have taken the offer and everyone would have been better off, instead we will have another summer of league drama, thanks a lot Garry, can’t wait to hear your arguments when the new CBA needs to be renegotiated. I can hear it now, “the league isn’t making enough money and we need to cut payroll”. I say “BRING IT” he won’t have an educated fan base by his side. 

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