Why I believe Jordan Staal’s injury will make the Pens even tougher to beat


The Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans were dealt what seemed to be a devastating blow with the injury to Selke Nominee Jordan Staal. As most of you are aware Jordan had a tendon in his leg sliced by the skate of newcomer P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens. As unfortunate and untimely an event that that may have been I believe it will make the Penguins team tougher to beat. I know it sounds ludicrous but just hear me out. Since Malkin, Crosby and Staal have been playing together not once have all three of them been out of the lineup at the same time. We have had Malkin injured for about 15 games this season and Crosby picked up the slack and coincidentally won the rocket Richard trophy and let’s not forget the team still did well finishing 4th. We also had Crosby miss a sizeable amount of games last year and Malkin picked up the slack having a career year in points and picking up the Art Ross trophy. So now that Staal is gone is it not possible that both Crosby and Malkin pick up the slack and continue their destruction of other opponents? I say yes, another aspect we are forgetting is that if Staal is out that means someone else must be in. What happens when you take a youngster and call him up to play in the NHL playoffs? Well you get a highly motivated individual who proves he belongs with the big guys. For example Justin Abdelkader was a beast for Detroit during last year’s playoffs and quite effective against the Pens or how about 20 year old John Carlson of the Washington capitals who was a thorn on the Montreal Canadiens scoring 4 points in 7 games and a +6 this year. Byslma has thrown around that Mark Letestu would be replacing Staal, with 61 points in 73 games in the minors Iast year, I believe he will be more than up to the challenge of replacing Staal. Another point I want to bring up, unlike last year the Penguins have a healthy defensive core to support their offense, and something tells me that if Crosby and Malkin are asked more of them they will deliver. For those reasons I believe the Penguins will be just fine and they will continue on their Quest for their 4th Stanley cup.

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