4 ways to improve the NHL 2010 playoffs


4 ways to improve the NHL 2010 playoffs

Every year in April NHL fans are rewarded with NHL playoff hockey, the past few years have been really exciting and we as fans expect it to continue. The playoffs so far have been a lot of fun, the first round is almost over and there are already upsets and Crosby is leading the league in scoring. That being said the 2010 NHL playoffs could be better and here is how:

1)      Enough with the 5 minutes to decide whether a goal is a goal, this kills the atmosphere in the arenas, ruins any momentum and unnecessarily creates debates about whether a call was right or wrong. Take for instance game 2 of the Washington Capitals and the Montreal Canadiens, the Canadiens had been awarded a goal after it was being reviewed for 5 minutes by Toronto next thing you know it the Capitals score after benefiting from a long break which eventually leads to a comeback. The Canadiens were up 4-1 at that point, the comeback was the turning point of the series as Montreal would have taken a 2-0 series lead. Enough already!!!

2)      Please, please, please make sure that the officials are watching the game they are officiating. In the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators series Matte Cooke threw a puck into the stands which is an automatic penalty yet when the refs “met” on the ice to discuss how they would call the play they ruled that it had deflected into the stands. REALLY? CBC played the replay and you have 2 officials watching the play from the best possible angle and it clearly showed the puck touched nothing at all on its way out; Cooke was all alone with the puck. All we ask is that the refs get the calls right, no more meetings to discuss what happened and how to proceed, follow the rules and you won’t make any mistakes it’s as simple as that.

3)      Allow and encourage coaches and players to really say what’s on their minds without fear of being fined. This is the most competitive time of the season and during interviews all you hear players saying are the same lines over and over again in a monotone way, surely the playoffs can’t be that boring. For example, a reporter will ask “how did you feel being down 2-1 in the game” and the player will respond “we knew the other team was desperate for a win and we have to give to them the guys came at as hard but we managed to find a way to win, we have a lot of character guys in our room and today they stepped up” BORRRIIINGGG!!! How about, “F**k our goalie sucked on the first 2 shots and I don’t know what our left winger was doing or what he was on but I told my coach put me on the ice I’m feeling good today and then before we knew it we were up, I pride myself on being able to score and tonight was no different” it sounds so much more exciting and it helps develop characters and a following amongst a fan base. Trash talking is great, think about all the basketball and football stories the best ones are the ones were people are allowed to be honest. The benefits are endless.

4)      This one is very, very, very, very simple; please prevent Gary Bettman from talking, ever!! Seeing as how that is almost impossible how about not allowing him to hand over the Stanley Cup to the winner. Nothing is worse than hearing Bettman say “I want to thank Mike Illitch and his family for their support of the Detroit Red Wings and blah blah blah blah……come get the Stanley cup”. What needs to be done instead is have an NHL legend present the cup like Mark Messier or Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr, the players would love it and the fans would love it. Plus the NHL won’t have to edit all the boo’s out when Bettman speaks like they did last year. ( true story)

There you have it 4 simple ways to improve the NHL in the playoffs, after all it is “OUR”game!!


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